A 1940s Radio Christmas Carol

Cary Players will hold auditions on October 1 and 2, 2018. The Director will be Randy Jordan, and the Musical Director will be Craig Johnson.

Auditions will be at Cary Arts Center, 101 Dry Avenue from 6:45 p.m. to 9:15 p.m.; registration begins at 6:30.

The Callback date is October 4 from 6:30 p.m. to 9:15 p.m. at Cary Arts Center.


1940’s Radio Christmas Carol is not a musical in the strictest sense of the term. However, it is a play featuring a live radio play with a lot of music.  Both singing and non-singing parts will be cast.  Actors that don’t sing, as well as those that sing parts well, are encouraged to audition


You will find the forms you need to fill out and bring with you to auditions by following the links below.  Please attach a photo to the documents.

Cary Players Audition Form 

Conflict Calendar— please remember to note ALL of your conflicts on the calendar. 

Questions about auditions?  Please contact Carole Kelly (


(Notes from the Director) In order to identify your particular abilities and character potential, please prepare a one to two-minute comedic monologue of your choosing appropriate for the characters.  (Nothing off-color please, I won’t be impressed or amused just because you can use potty humor or the F-word)

If you cannot prepare a memorized monologue, please be prepared to read from a comedic monologue of your choosing that you have familiarized yourself with. Some monologue scripts, you may peruse, will be made available at auditions if you have not brought one.

At some point you may be also be asked to do some cold reading from A 1940’s Radio Christmas Carol sides or to do an impression or noises.

(Note from the Music Director)  Please prepare 16 to 32 bars of an upbeat, 1940’s-style Christmas song. An accompanist will be provided, so please bring sheet music in a binder. No a cappella auditions will be accepted.

Not everyone cast for the show is called back. The Cast List will be posted at by Saturday, October 6.


Ages indicated are guidelines, not set in stone. No adult should be discouraged from auditions.  All characters, however, are adults

CLIFTON FEDDINGTON (male, 40’s -50s) – He is the golden voice and personable Mutual Announcer.  He is the front man for WOV’s Nash-Kelvinator Mystery Theatre. Known for being cheap. Has a crush on Judith.

WILLIAM ST. CLAIRE (male, 60-75) – 70-year-old, retired star of stage and screen.  He is Pompous white-haired, bombastic and a prima donna. William is a bit of a curmudgeon and looks down on radio as one of the bastard children of the stage. William’s 31-year-old son David was killed in the Air Force in France in June 1943. He is in denial of his death and goes to the depth of human emotion over it.  He is a guest star performer in tonight’s WOV radio show. Mr. St. Claire plays Scrooge.

CHARLES “CHOLLY” BUTTS (male, 30+) – The radio shows funny man and character voice specialist. Has a day job as a baker at Weequahic Diner (where his specialty is the Nesselrode pie). He is a little stout. Lives in Jersey City, with his wife, Midge, has no kids and has a hopeless and unrequited crush on Margie.

FRITZ CANIGLIARO (male, 35 – 65) – Once an east-coast Florsheim Shoe salesman (and still plugs them whenever he gets an opportunity for a little commission), now a WOV regular. The resident masher, cynic, and wise-guy, Fritz plays Frank Nelson cameos in comedy sketches and can do Bogey.

“LITTLE” JACKIE SPARKS (male, 16 to early 20’s) – He is not actually “little,” but the youngest of the ensemble. A tenor with a high speaking voice. Having just graduated from high school, Jackie lives with his mom in suburban Newark. Calls home probably a dozen times a day. Teased a lot. Still has a Sunday paper route.

(female, 30’s) – Although quite the cutup herself, Judith is the resident “leading lady” playing all such roles as a regular. Has two kids and two exes and wants no more of either.  She is determined and stubborn. Deals with men coming on to her well. Considers herself a “legit” actress. Her day job is working as a switchboard operator.

MARGIE O’BRIEN (female, 25 – 55) – She is brassy, flippant, with a voice to match (think Ginger Rogers in “Stage Door”). As a show regular, she plays the comic roles. This comedienne lives with her two sisters, Zazu and Vi, in a two-room apartment in Queens. She works days as a bookkeeper/typist/stenographer/receptionist.

SALLY SIMPSON (female, 20- 40) Sally seems sweet and gentle but is a tough lady. Lives on the lower east side of Manhattan. As a show regular plays all animals, babies, insects, little kids. Makes the long train ride to Babylon, Long Island, three days a week, to contribute to the war effort by working for Republic Aviation operating drill presses and riveting guns. Always trying to recruit the other WOV women to join “the cause.”

ISADORE “BUZZ” CRENSHAW (male, 20s) – His life is his work. He is the 20 something-year-old “sound effectician”/foley artist at WOV. Has a sharp wit and is always agreeable, whistling, and in a good mood.  Buzz was born and raised in Bayonne by his Aunts Lulu and Gilly. Wears an FDR button. Proves to be the heart of the ensemble, which he considers his true family. Spends a lot of time with Sally Simpson. Buzz lives alone.

ESTHER LEWIS PIRNIE (female) – Backstage audio engineer and transmitter supervisor for WOV Radio.   This is a cameo role with the opportunity to garner good laughs for making much of a little.

HAROLD J. MULLINS (male) – Concierge of the Hotel Aberdeen in Newark.  Cameo role with a good and funny appearance.

TOOTS NAVARRE – This role will be played by our musical director Craig Johnson.