Volunteer and Talent Opportunities with Cary Players

Are you ready to get more involved?!

VolunteerIf your answer is YES, please don’t hesitate to contact us at volunteers@caryplayers.org. We’d love to hear from you and discuss opportunities for you to join the fun. Listed below are some key opportunities with brief descriptions. If something sounds interesting or you just want to ask a question drop us a note and we’ll get back to you right away!

Assistant Producers

Putting on shows is what we do! It is the production team that ensures this happens. This critical role allows you to meet and work with just about every member of our Cary Players family. An Assistant Producer performs many tasks  including helping set up and manage meetings and critical rehearsals such as tech week and final show tear down, contact communication channels to ensure marketing and posters are distributed, and handle contracts for talent involved in the productions just to name a few. If you ever really wanted to know what goes into putting a show together this is the role for you. We’re looking for people ready to jump in with both feet and have lots of fun.

Board Members

Cary Players has a working board that is very active in the day to day operations of our community theatre. We are always looking for and considering those interested in being part of our board. There are potential special needs in focused areas such as Fund Raising, Marketing, and Producing. If you have skills or interest in any of these areas, please contact us for more information and an application.


As they say, “the clothes make the man” or in our case the character. The right costume can be the crowning glory of a great performance. Costumers have a special and unique talent that equips them to gather existing garments, design/build new costumes and manage the entire process of fitting each performer and returning inventory to storage. Do you have experience? Would you like to learn? Are you willing to assist as a seamstress or a seamster? We’d love to talk with you about specific opportunities.

Director (Musicals and Non-Musicals)

We accept submissions from potential directors throughout the season. Our regular season planning occurs between November and February of each year, but please tell us about your directing experience and share your ideas for a production you’d like to direct in the future.

We hope to expand not only the number of potential directors for musical and non-musical productions but also the number of potential music directors. Musical directors are those talented folks who teach and rehearse the music, instrumental and vocal, in a musical show. They may also play as part of the band during performances.

Read Debra Grannan’s Detailed Breakdown of a Director’s Role

Education Coordinator

One of our core values is to educate the community and we do that by offering classes and opportunities for people to learn about this craft we love. This role will help develop and manage activities such as acting classes, technical classes, board educational opportunities and more. You do not need to be a teacher yourself to participate in this role. Love to witness the joy of learning and discovery? Then you’ll love this role. Please contact us for details.

Fund Raising

Ticket sales are only one of the many things that contribute to the success of our organization. If you like talking to people and support the arts you may enjoy this role. Whether you’re meeting and talking with local merchants to sell advertisements in our playbills, or developing relationships with businesses that may want to play a greater role by sponsoring all or part of a show, you’ll be an ambassador for Cary Players in the community. There is a tremendous amount of good that can be accomplished with intentional fund raising. If you’d be interested in learning more,  please let us know!


Our Marketing Committee is looking for members interested in furthering the community’s awareness of Cary Players. This could be anything from helping make sure posters are distributed to creating and dispatching press releases. If this is an area you’re interested in or have experience with, please let us know.

Master Carpenter

Building sets requires more hands then just about any other thing we do, and it requires a certain level of technical skill/knowledge. We’re looking for carpentry experts or those willing and interested in learning the necessary skills to help take the director’s ideas from paper to reality. Our current roster of regular volunteers in this area will ensure you have a great time as you roll up your sleeves and learn valuable skills.


You need a what?! This role is one of the most interesting, you’ll find yourself in pursuit of just the right suitcase, or book or you-name-it. Attention to detail, creativity, and planning all come into play here. If you’re artistic, but live performances is not for you this truly may be the perfect role. You can choose to collect and issue props and let a team of talented volunteers run props during each performance or you may also choose to manage props throughout the run of the show.

Stage Managers

Someone has to wrangle the cats, and that person is the stage manager! Planning, organization, and communication skills are the highest priorities for someone in this critical role. Each show needs one and usually an assistant for everything to run smoothly. If you have experience in this area or you’re interested in learning the necessary skills please contact us!

Read Terry Townsend’s Detailed Breakdown of a Stage Manager’s Role

Read Terry Townsend’s Detailed Breakdown of an Assistant Stage Manager’s Role

Technical Director

We have the tools, the material, and man power (though we always welcome more!), but what we need is someone with the knowledge and willingness to coordinate the building of our amazing sets from beginning to end. General knowledge of construction is important, but a strong ability to coordinate and manage people is what is truly needed for this position. You will work with the master carpenter, general volunteers, and the production team to ensure that the set is built in a timely fashion and resources/time are best used. We can also allow you time to do some building as well.

Read Bob Grannan’s Detailed Breakdown of a Technical Director’s Role

Technical Roles ( Lighting, Sound )

Sound, so that actors can be heard, and lights, so that actors can be seen, are critically important to our shows. For sound and lighting designers these roles offer a tremendous opportunity for artistic expression while working within the director’s overall vision. If you have experience in either of these areas contact us about upcoming opportunities. For the less technically trained, running or learning to “run the boards” is also a great way to be right in the middle of the action AND you get to wear a really cool headset! Please let us know if you’d like to hear or see more.

Thanks for taking the time to consider volunteering with us. There are many other roles that also offer opportunities for you to “come play with us”. If there is anything that specifically interests you please don’t hesitate to contact us at volunteers@caryplayers.org.