Technical Director - Archived

By Bob Grannan

Scope of Role:  Technical Director (TD) works with the Stage Director all technical aspects of the staged production.  The TD oversees and coordinates set design, set construction, lighting design, sound design, the running crew and set strike.  All duties are to be completed within a production schedule time-frame and within budget parameters for the production.  TD has input in creating the budget for the production.

Key Duties and Activities:

  • Facilitate discussion between Set Designer, Stage Director, Producer, Master Carpenter and others as appropriate to create a set design and build plans.
  • Oversee and facilitate acquisition, purchase, creation, borrowing, pre-show placement and setting, post-show storage, strike and return of all materials and equipment to complete these activities.
  • Complete responsibilities in time to meet Production Schedule with work essentially complete prior to load-in.
  • Recruit, train and manage crew to assist in set construction and production of the show.
  • Attend and participate in production meetings.
  • Communicate and coordinate with Town of Cary Arts Center personnel for technical support.
  • Manage costs within budget parameters, reusing Cary Players inventory to extent possible.

For many productions, the TD participates in the set construction as time permits.


  • Work starts: The Producer will review requirements with you and provide a contract with key responsibilities listed approximately 2-4 weeks prior to auditions, based on the Producer and Director’s schedules.
  • Rehearsals: Rehearsals run 4-6 weeks.  TD should sit in on selected (2-3) rehearsals to get a personal sense of the show.  Rehearsals run 3-4 nights per week and some weekends.  Sessions are 3-4 hours.
  • Build:  Set construction typically begins around the same time rehearsals begin or shortly before then.  Construction of the set occurs at the Cary Players Scene Shop 2-4 nights per week and weekends based on the availability of the Master Carpenter and TD.  Volunteers are recruited to meet the schedule.
  • Tech Week:  TD should be available for tech week.  Tech week typically begins the weekend (Saturday or Sunday) prior to opening night.  TD should be available for load-in and to make final adjustments to the set.
  • Run of the Show:  Present opening night to ensure things run smoothly.  Welcome to attend other shows as schedule permits and to be available as needed, but not required.


  • Cary Players pays a stipend to the Technical Director based on the complexity of the set.
  • Some Technical Directors offer their services as a volunteer and do not accept a stipend.
  • Stipends are reported to the IRS on form 1099 based on reporting rules.

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