Play Selection

By Tina Vance

Ever wonder how Cary Players chooses which shows to produce? There are many considerations that make up the selection process, which usually begins in early February and takes 6-8 weeks to complete. The committee consists of members of the Board of Directors and other interested volunteers who agree to read multiple scripts and meet regularly to discuss the material. Here are some of the considerations for each script:


  • Is the script well-written with well-drawn characters? 
  • Has it earned awards or acknowledgements in the field?
  • Is it substantial enough to draw actors? 
  • Does it fulfill or advance Cary Players’ mission?
  • Would you/family/friends pay to see this play?


  • Are actors of an appropriate age, ethnicity, and skill level available? 
  • Does it provide a variety of roles to interest a broad spectrum of volunteers? 
  • Are there probable conflicts with concurrent productions in the community? 


  • Are the rights available?
  • Technical considerations. Are there any unusual requirements for set, lighting props or costumes?
  • Will it make good use of available resources? What are the crew and volunteer needs? 
  • Is it affordable? 


  • Is there sufficient name recognition? 
  • Is there positive critical review? 
  • Is it topical? Are there tie-ins? (movie, current events, etc) 
  • Are there potential sponsors? 

The committee also makes recommendations on when shows are produced. Do we start the season with a musical, a farce or a drama? At the same time the committee is meeting, the Board of Directors is also working to schedule rehearsal and performance dates for each of our four main stage productions.

The committee recommendations are then presented to the Board of Directors for final approval.

Each year we work diligently to put together a selection that will not only provide quality entertainment to Cary and the surrounding areas, but will also uphold our core values:

  • Respect the Player
  • Inspire the Patron
  • Uplift the Community
  • Educate, Enlighten and Entertain.

Interested in recommending a play for consideration or serving on next season’s selection committee? Contact us!