Everybody’s Talking About Almost, Maine - Archived

The reviews are in from opening weekend of Almost, Maine, and everybody is still talking about Cary Players’ latest production.

What are others saying?

  • “What this production does so, so right is give us honest and sincere portrayals of these Almost citizens. The production is functionally simple so that these fantastic characters remain the real focus . . . One of my favorite Cary Players shows to date. Don’t miss it!!”
  • “This is my first Cary Players experience. One of the best community theatre productions I’ve seen. I will be back!”
  • “I can now say I understand how Almost, Maine became the most commonly produced play in the U.S. It has a charming script, filled with quirky characters in funny, relatable situations . . . It’s touching, humorous, and warming to the soul, despite the cold setting — the lighting, set, and music will pull you right into that town under the Aurora Borealis. And the acting will keep you there. I’m not a critic and I don’t get paid if you go see the show . . . this is me being sincere as I tell you I enjoyed the play, and I think you would, too.”

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