CAST: SHREK the Musical

Cary Players announces the cast list for “Shrek the Musical”.
We would like to thank everyone who came to the auditions for sharing your time and talent with us.   We hope that all of you will come back to audition with us again for future Cary Players productions.
If you have been cast in the show, you will receive additional information by email regarding costume measurements, and the kick-off meeting on February17th.

Shrek: James Austin
Fiona: Arlie Kidd
Donkey: Benaiah Barnes
Farquaad: Ryan Madanick
Gingy/Sugarplum Fairy: Elizabeth Quesada
Dragon (onstage vocal): Fran Bushman
Teen Fiona: Emma Welch
Child Fiona/Baby Bear: Maddie Behrens
Little Ogre/Dwarf: Nic Sanchez

Pinocchio: Dan Hawkins
Big Bad Wolf/Thelonius/Knight: Aydan Hanson
White Rabbit/Duloc/Guard/Knight: Alex Lewis
Fairy Godmother/Dragon voice: Fran Bushman
Peter Pan/Duloc/Knight/Guard: Charles Robson
Wicked Witch/Pied Piper/Lillian: Heather Shinpaugh
Ugly Duckling/Duloc/Dancing rat: Charleigh Smith
Mad Hatter/Guard/ Dragon puppeteer: Noah Zimmerman
Papa Bear/Harold/Guard: Michael Gilbert Singletary
Mama Bear/Blind Mouse: Angel Zimmerman
Tweedle Dee/Blind Mouse: Jess Hill
Tweedle Dum/Blind Mouse: Molly Hamelin
Elf on the Shelf/Dancing rat: Kelsie Adloo
Unicorn/Duloc: Alinya Hanson

THREE BLIND MICE: Molly Hamelin, Angel Zimmerman, Jess Hill

Sticks/ Knight: Rhonda Lemon
Straw/Papa Ogre/Guard/Duloc: Mike Muhlada
Bricks/Mama Ogre: Paula Andrews


Dancer track 1: Dragonette (onstage dancer), Dancing rat, villager, dancing guard, choir:   Katie Eves, Anna Winters, Alexandria Finazzo

Dance track 2: Duloc girl, Dancing rat, villager, travel song puppets, choir:  Megan Parks, Felicity Weavil, Katherine Pierce

Guard 1/Captain/Bishop/The Greeter: Del Flack
Puppeteer (dragon’s head)/villager/scene 1 guard: Chris Blackwell
Puppeteer (dragon’s body)/villager/scene 1 guard: Dan Bain