12 Angry Jurors

By Reginald Rose

Adapted by Sherman L. Sergel


Cary Players will hold callbacks for 12 Angry Jurors on Wednesday, August 7 at the Cary Arts Center, 101 Dry Avenue from 7:00 p.m. – 9:30 p.m. 

Callback List

Thank you to everyone who has auditioned for Twelve Angry Jurors! We were blown away by the amount of talent that auditioned. We encourage everyone to continue to support local theater by auditioning.

Please dress comfortably for callbacks. We’ll be warming up,  before reading scenes from the play. (List is alphabetical by first name)

Ann Forsthoeful

Brian Thacker

Carol Machuca

Deepak Dhar

Del Flack

Donald Slater

Emily Chiola

Emily Yates

Gary Herion

Gina Anderson

Jeff Nugent

Jenn Bianchi

Jenny Doyle

Justin Peoples

Laura Leonard

Mark Anderson

Michael Bacigalupo

Randy Cook

Rhonda Lemon

Robin L. Watkins

Sandra Shelton

Shane de Leon

Shelia Outhwaite

Thomas Imler

Will Harris

Xenon Winslow-Trevathan

Character Descriptions

Originally performed in 1957, this production will be set in the modern-day. Seeking a multicultural cast of varied ages. Some roles, due to the demands of the story, are specified for males. All other roles are open for either gender.

Foreman (male or female; 25 +) Character concerned with following rules; slightly uncomfortable with leadership; tries to keep order.

Juror 2 (male or female; 18 +) Not assertive; finds it difficult to speak his or her own thoughts.

Juror 3 (male 40 +) Strong, forceful man; opinionated; intolerant of opinions other than his own; However, deeply wounded man who tries to hide his pain behind bravado and blustering.

Juror 4 (male or female 35+) A stock broker; polished and presents him or herself well; concerned with reason and logic

Juror 5 (male or female 18- 25) A younger man or woman from the slums who identifies with the young man on trial more than he/she would like to admit.

Juror 6 (male 40+) An honest man who comes upon his decisions slowly and carefully. A blue-collar worker who states his opinions honestly and bluntly.

Juror 7 (male or female 25 +) A loud, flashy, glad-handed salesperson who has more important things to do than to sit in a jury. Quick to show temper and equally quick to form opinions on things about which he/she knows nothing.

Juror 8 (male or female 35 +) A quiet, thoughtful person. Someone who sees all sides of every question and constantly seeks the truth. A person of strength tempered with compassion. Above all, someone who wants justice to be done and will fight to see that it is.

Juror 9 (male or female 65+) Gentle, mild, and long since defeated by life. He/she recognizes himself for what he/she is and tries to be the voice of experience and wisdom in the room.

Juror 10 (male 45+) A bully and a bigot. He is an angry, bitter man who antagonizes almost at sight.

Juror 11 (male or female 25+) An immigrant, could speak with an accent and is a humble, quiet person. He/she is very polite and calm, and believes very strongly in the American ideal and in the Justice System.

Juror 12 (male or female 25+) A slick, bright advertising executive who tries to do the right thing, but is used to being overwhelmed by people with louder, brighter ideas.

Judge, Guard, and Clerk (male or female 25+) Offstage dialogue only