2018 Pietzsch Award Nominees

The Pietzsch Awards Committee has determined the categories and nominees for this last season and here are the results. See you at the ceremony. 

Date: Tuesday September 11, 2018 at 7:00pm
Location: The Cary, 122 E Chatham St

Backstage (2 Winners)

Darylene Hecht (Musical Director): Guys & Dolls

Todd Houseknecht (Set Design): Almost, Maine

Natasha Jackson (Stage Manager): Guys & Dolls

Abby Jordan (Stage Manager): Almost, Maine

Bob Kulow (Sound Design): Guys & Dolls and Plaza Suite

Nicola Lefler (Props Master): Almost, Maine

Rachel McKay (Costumes): Guys & Dolls, A Christmas Story and Almost, Maine

Ryann Norris (Lighting Design): Almost, Maine

Ian Robson (Set design): Guys & Dolls and Plaza Suite

Jenny Robson (Producer): Guys & Dolls

Volunteer (2 Winners)

Barbara Corbin

Emily Johns

Ed Killian

David Kraay

Michael Lefler

Anthony Pender

Jenny Robinson

Jenny Robson

Jeri Summer

Chelsey Winstead


Bruce Ackerman: Plaza Suite

Debra Grannan: A Christmas Story

Randy Jordan: Almost, Maine

Nancy Rich: Guys & Dolls

Outstanding Cameo

Troy Jelley: Guys & Dolls

Alex Lewis: Plaza Suite

Chris McKittrick: A Christmas Story

Stephanie Sullivan: Guys & Dolls

Anne Talkington: Guys & Dolls

Maura Wiggs: A Christmas Story

Outstanding Actor (3 Winners)

Joey DeSena: Almost, Maine

Thom Haynes: Almost, Maine

Tony Hefner: Guys & Dolls

Jim O’Brien: Plaza Suite

Christian O’Neal: Almost, Maine

Phin Peters: A Christmas Story

Doug Simpson: Plaza Suite

Stan Williams: Guys & Dolls

Ted Willis: Guys & Dolls

Aaron Young: Almost, Maine

Outstanding Actress (3 Winners)

Lauren Bamford: Guys & Dolls

Amanda Blake: Plaza Suite

Bijou Chapman: A Christmas Story

Kirsten Ehlert: Almost, Maine

Stephanie Holloman: A Christmas Story

Lu Meeks: Almost, Maine

Laura J. Parker: Almost, Maine

Elizabeth Quesada: Guys & Dolls

Christine Rogers: Plaza Suite

Liz Webb: Almost, Maine