2018 Pietzsch Award Winners

UPDATE: Hurricane Florence did not keep everyone at home on Pietzsch Awards Night!

The crowd was raucous as the winners of the crystal peach were announced. Cary Players offers hearty congratulations to everyone who was nominated, and is pleased to announce the winners of the 2017-2018 Season. (Highlighted in purple.)

Nicola Lefler (Props Master): Almost, Maine
Ryann Norris (Lighting Design): Almost, Maine
Darylene Hecht (Musical Director): Guys & Dolls
Todd Houseknecht (Set Design): Almost, Maine
Natasha Jackson (Stage Manager): Guys & Dolls
Abby Jordan (Stage Manager): Almost, Maine
Bob Kulow (Sound Design): Guys & Dolls and Plaza Suite
Rachel McKay (Costumes): Guys & Dolls, A Christmas Story and Almost, Maine
Ian Robson (Set design): Guys & Dolls and Plaza Suite
Jenny Robson (Producer): Guys & Dolls

Jenny Robinson
Jenny Robson
Barbara Corbin
Emily Johns
Ed Killian
David Kraay
Michael Lefler
Anthony Pender
Jeri Summer
Chelsey Winstead

Randy Jordan: Almost, Maine
Bruce Ackerman: Plaza Suite
Debra Grannan: A Christmas Story
Nancy Rich: Guys & Dolls

Maura Wiggs: A Christmas Story
Troy Jelley: Guys & Dolls
Alex Lewis: Plaza Suite
Chris McKittrick: A Christmas Story
Stephanie Sullivan: Guys & Dolls
Anne Talkington: Guys & Dolls

Joey DeSena: Almost, Maine
Phin Peters: A Christmas Story
Ted Willis: Guys & Dolls
Thom Haynes: Almost, Maine
Tony Hefner: Guys & Dolls
Jim O’Brien: Plaza Suite
Christian O’Neal: Almost, Maine
Doug Simpson: Plaza Suite
Stan Williams: Guys & Dolls
Aaron Young: Almost, Maine

Lu Meeks: Almost, Maine
Elizabeth Quesada: Guys & Dolls
Liz Webb: Almost, Maine
Lauren Bamford: Guys & Dolls
Amanda Blake: Plaza Suite
Bijou Chapman: A Christmas Story
Kirsten Ehlert: Almost, Maine
Stephanie Holloman: A Christmas Story
Laura J. Parker: Almost, Maine
Christine Rogers: Plaza Suite