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Neil Simon’s celebrated triumph, Plaza Suite, is Cary Players’ 2017-2018 season finale. What does one do when the bride has locked herself in the bathroom? This is just one of the funny, but often poignant, portraits of three couples who have checked into New York City’s Plaza Hotel and learn that things don’t always go as planned. Laughter abounds on the seventh floor! Bruce Ackerman directs this classic comedy.

Location and Dates

Performances: April 27-29 & May 4-6 at Cary Arts Center, 101 Dry Avenue, Cary NC

Audition Information

NOTE: January 15 – Audition and Callback Dates Have Changed

Conflict Calendar REVISED 1-15-18

Audition Form

WHEN: February 26 and 27, 2018 Beginning at 6:30 pm

WHERE: Cary Arts Center, 101 Dry Avenue, Cary, NC

CALL BACK DATE: March 1, 2018 Beginning at 6:30 pm

Actors are encouraged but not required to bring a memorized 1 to 2 minute monologue or prepared reading to the audition. You will also be asked to do cold readings from the script. 


Plaza Suite explores relationships, love, and marriage by taking a sometimes awkward, but always revealing peek through the keyhole of Room 719 at the Plaza Suite Hotel in New York City.

Some actors in this play MAY play multiple roles. This is especially likely to occur with the roles of the bellboy, waiter, Borden, Mimsey and Jean, but could extend to the major players, as well. 


Act I – Visitor from Mamaroneck

Karen Nash – A upper middle class woman of 48 years whose good looks crested about a decade ago along with her overcoat. Karen is feisty, affable, and a bit unflappable. She has scheduled a romantic stay at the Plaza to celebrate 24 years of marriage to her husband, Sam, in the same room in which they spent their honeymoon. Karen is no dummy and she carries the anxiety of a woman who suspects her husband may be cheating.

Sam Nash – A 51 year-old sales executive who seems preoccupied with business; but it may not be the business that occupies his daily labor. Sam appears weather worn but a bit obsessed with preserving whatever vestiges of youth he can still find in himself–anywhere he can find them. Sam is a little abrupt, especially with his wife of 24 years, Karen, witty, but adept at covering his tracks. A bit of a bastard, but somehow likable, just the same.

Jean McCormack – The secretary. Yes. Sam’s secretary. An attractive young woman of about 28 with a winning smile. Visibly smart, efficient, and disarmingly sweet. Obviously in life’s prime, Jean is the kind of woman most men can’t help gazing at but who Sam seems hardly to notice. Oh, by the way, Jean is recently divorced. 



Act II – Visitor from Hollywood

Jesse Kiplinger – A 40 year old Hollywood producer, Jesse is confident, self-assured, a man who has the world at his feet. Or so it would seem. He’s hip, slick, oozing with a sense of self-importance and always “on the make.” But something is conspicuously missing.

Muriel Tate – An attractive 38 year-old woman who wears her years exceptionally well. Muriel is married with children but bears a youthful warmth and naivety that are at once charming and unexpected. Despite her innocence, Muriel carries the sense of an ant that has deliberately taken the first nimble step onto a spider web and is trying not to attract the homeowner’s inevitable attention. 


Act III – Visitor from Forest Hills

Norma Hubley – A woman in her mid-40s. Traditional, solid, smart, raw and real, but clearly in over her head. A mom whose only daughter is about to tie the knot…or not. Her personality is largely defined in the context of her no-holds-barred relationship with her husband, Roy who is similarly defined by her. The couple share an unbreakable if twisted knot that seems ever on the verge of unraveling.

Roy Hubley – Abrupt, volatile, and always the man of business, Roy is thrust into a once in a lifetime experience for which he is wholly unprepared. Deadly serious, Roy is the life of this party.

Borden Eisler – The groom. Borden is a bit of a hippy. Cool, casual, and surprisingly commanding. 

Mimsey Hubley – The bride. Lovely, sweet, and only 21 years young, Mimsey is resolute in her irrational irresolution, landing her in a locked bathroom while the wedding party lies in wait downstairs. 

The Cast

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Amanda Blake


Judie Bruno


John Geiger


Laura Faye Justad

Jean, Bride

Alex Lewis


Jim O’Brien


Joey DeSena

Bellhop, Groom

Christine Rogers


Doug Simpson


Production Staff/Crew


Producer Carole Kelly
Co-producer Chris Berg
Director Bruce Ackerman
Stage Manager Mia Peters
Costumes Emily Johns
Deck Crew Jenny Crawford
Finance Manager Chris McKittrick
Graphic Designer Elyse Darling
Light Design Ryann Norris
Photographer Scott Peters
Props Master Ann Marie Crosmun
Props Runner Jane Perez
Set Design & Construction Ian Robson
Technical Director Ian Robson
Sound Design Bob Kulow
Sound Board Operator Bob Kulow
Volunteer Coordinator Nora Kelly
Light Board Operator Edward Killian
Playbill Coordinator Jenny Robson
House Manager Jeri Summer
Assistant Director  Nicola Lefler
Assistant Stage Manager  Jennifer Robinson