Oklahoma! - Archived

As our 50th production, Cary Players is delighted to be presenting the hit musical, Oklahoma! The show is directed by Gina Winter with musical direction by Heather Copley.

Location and Dates

Location: Cary Arts Center

Dates: September 30 – October 2 and October 6-9

Fridays & Saturdays 7:30 p.m. | Sundays 3 p.m.

Tickets: $20 Adults; $18 Students & Seniors, $17 Groups of 10+ | Door Price: $20

The Cast

played by: Vincent Bland
Ike Skidmore
played by: Pat Berry
played by: Randi Winter
played by: Seth Packham
Aunt Eller
played by: Virginia O’Brien
Charles Robson
Will Parke
played by: Ryan Miller
Jud Fry
played by: Scott M. Peters
Ado Annie Carnes
played by: Harper Cleland
Ali Hakim
played by: Mark Anderson
Gertie Cummings
played by: Olivia Easly
Andrew Carnes
played by: Tim Wiest
played by: Mackie Raymond
Kate/All ‘er Nuthin Dancer
played by:
Shannon Plummer White
Mrs. Skidmore
played by: Megan Brachtl
played by: Ashley Stancil
Cord Elam
played by: Jesse Farmer
Clarissa/KC Dancer
played by: Heather Murray
Priscilla/KC Dancer/Can-Can
played by: Sarah Preston
played by: Taylor Miller
played by: Kevin Seebold
Sylvia (can-can dancer)
played by: Kathryn Whiting
Armina (can-can dancer)
played by: Julia Fair
Aggie /All er Nuthin dancer
played by: Anne Talkington
Cody Hill

Production Staff/Crew

Production Team

Director Choreographer Gina Winter
Producer Debra Grannan
Assistant Director Michelle R. Wood
Stage Manager Natasha A. Jackson
Assistant Stage Manager Shereatha Terry
Vocal Director Heather Copley
Orchestra Conductor Darylene Hecht
Costumer Pam Marquie
Set Design Gina Winter & Ian Robson
Lighting Designer Liz Droessler
Sound Designer Dan Chadwick
Sound Assistant Bob Kulow
Props Master Carole Kelly
Props Team Jenny Robson, Yum Darling
Master Carpetner Ian Robson
Princiapl Carpenters Bob Grannan, Jenny Robson
Running Crew Chief Ashton Schlachter Marquie
Production Assistants Julie Weber, Chris McKittrick, Carole Kelly
Light Board Operator/Proffreader Barbara Corbin
Graphic Artist Elyse Darling
Audition Assistant (Choreography) Beth Peele
Audition Pianists David Wilson, Darylene Hecht
Volunter Coordinator Megan Woronka
Town of Cary Technical Operations Supervisor Cailen Waddell
Deck Crew Ami Kirk-Jones, Tim Coil, Jennifer Robinson, Julie Crawford, Patrick Preslar, Merrick Marque
Set & Paint Crew Ami Kirk-Jones, Todd Houseknecht, Debra Grannan, Jeffrey Nugent, Jenny Robinson, Liz McManus, Denise Visbal
Orchestra – Piano Darylene Hecht
Orchestra Synthesizer Jennifer Allred
Orchestra Perscussion Tom Cruz
Orchestra Clarinet Wayne Leechford
Orchestra Flute/Piccolo Pauline Leveille
Orchestra Bass Ken Worsham
Orchestra Guitar/Banjo Will Woltz