Guys and Dolls - Archived

Set in 1950’s New York, Guys & Dolls follows a host of Damon Runyon’s colorful and sometimes eccentric characters in a humorous and touching story based around the bright lights and shady corners of Times Square. It is “a musical fable of Broadway.” The characters are vividly drawn, sometimes wise, often funny, with their own idiosyncratic ‘Runyan’ language and wise cracks. The whole show is varnished with a gloss of light-hearted charm and well-meaning.

Location and Dates

September 29 – October 1 and October 5-8, 2017

The Cary Arts Center, 101 Dry Avenue

The Cast


Lt. Brannigan – Dan Bain

Joey Biltmore (voice) – David Adams


The Missionaries:

Sarah Brown – Lauren Bamford

Arvide Abernathy – Mark Anderson

General Matilda Cartwright/Hot Box patron – Paula Andrews

Agatha/ Hot Box patron/Cuban lady – Rachel Lazaro

Martha/ Hot Box patron/Cuban lady – Ayse Tillman

Ruth / Hot Box patron / Cuban lady – Shannon Plummer-White

Calvin/Cuban waiter – Charles Robson



Nathan Detroit – Ted Willis

Sky Masterson – Stan Williams

Nicely-Nicely Johnson – Tony Hefner

Big Jule – Troy Jelley

Harry the Horse – David Adams

Angie the Ox / sightseer /drunk /Hot Box waiter – Christopher Edwards

Liver Lips Louie, rich man/ Hot Box MC – Phil Lewis

Rusty Charlie – Mike Muhlada

Benny Southstreet – Daryl Ray Carliles


The Greek / Cuban dancer / Hot box patron – Shane Walsh

Scranton Slim /Cuban dancer / Hot box patron /cop – Davis Leonard

Brandy Bottle Bates / Cuban dancer / Hot box patron – Dan Hawkins

Society Max / Cuban dancer / Hot box patron /cop – Matthew Harvey



Hot Box Girls:

Miss Adelaide – Elizabeth Quesada

Mimi / rich lady /Cuban dancer – Stephanie Sullivan

Allison / news boy /Cuban dancer – Candace Hescock

Ferguson / sightseer / street walker/Cuban dancer – Anne Talkington

Vernon / sightseer / street walker/Cuban dancer – Charleigh Smith


Production Staff/Crew

Director/Choreographer  Nancy Rich

Music Director  Darylene Hecht

Stage Manager   Natasha Jackson

Set Design and Master Carpenter  Ian Robson

Costumer   Rachel McKay

Lighting Designer  Michael Lefler

Assistant Stage Manager/Props Design Team …. Ami Kirk Jones

Second Assistant Stage Manager  Julie Crawford

Props Designer   Hannah Wolfert

Sound Designer  Bob Kulow

Assistant Master Carpenter  Bob Grannan

Production Coordinators   Debra Grannan and Jenny Robson

Sound Technicians   David Kraay and David Wolk

Wardrobe Assistants   Emily Johns and Jess Hill

Stitchery  Carol Love

Light Board Operators   Barbara Corbin, Crystal M. Lee  and JeMarl Kearney

Finance   Chris McKittrick 

Assistant Choreographer  Brittany Dingle

Deck Crew Chief   Tony Landavazo

Deck Crew  Alex Gromo, Shawntel Landavazo, Nicola Lefler, Jenny Robinson, David Wilk, Scott  Peters                                 

Audition Accompanists  Kitty Scott and Evan Martschenko

Set and Paint Crew   Tom Price, Jenny Robson, Jennifer Robinson, Charles  Robson, Chris McKittrick

Scenic Design Assistants   Ingrid Wright, Leilani Mendenhall

Front of House Volunteer Coordinator   Betsy Holsopple

Fight Choreographer  Steve Whetzel