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Where Anything Can Happen

Buckle your seat belts and get ready to join us for an evening of the unexpected.  For your consideration we bring you a collection of short works by California playwright Mark Harvey Levine.  His stories reveal a light-touch, a wicked sense of humor and a knack for using paranormal events to cast a new light on normal ones. These seemingly simple, short pieces are hilarious on the surface, but full of subtle nuances both touching and convicting.  This show will mark the 1,000th production of Mr. Levine’s works.

“Levine’s plays are smart, humane, funny, and indicate a terrific sense of theatrical craft.”

“Levine has an unmerciful sense of humor, fueled through a fertile imagination.”     Entertainment Today

Location and Dates

Jan 31 – Feb 2, Feb 7 – Feb 9, 2014

At the Cary Arts Center

The Cast

Alison Davis
Brett Yates
David Klionsky
Erica Heilmann
Gus Allen
Jeffrey Nugent
Jordyn Ballentine
Kerry Bunn
Kirsten Ehlert
Laurel Ullman
Liz Webb
Mark Anderson
Morgan Ferretti
Nick Iammatto
Nora Kelly
Steve Whetzel
Thom Haynes
Bruce Ackerman
Connie DiGrazia
Greg Tarsa
Jon Todd
Tim Weist
Jeanine Denning

Host                                       Gus Allen

A Birthday Party – Greg Tarsa

Jen                                         Alison Davis


A  Case of Anxiety – Jon Todd

Robert                                  Brett Yates

Marisa                                  Kirsten Ehlert

Inspector                             Mark Anderson

Gorilla                                   David Klionsky

Pirates                                  Jordyn Ballentine, Kerry Bunn, Liz Webb, Steve Whetzel


A Walk in the Ocean – Connie DiGrazia

Karen                                    Erica Heilmann

Bill                                          Thom Haynes


Howard – Greg Tarsa

Howard                                Nick Iammatteo

Howard                                Chris Berg

Howard                                David Klionsky


In the Jar – Tim Wiest

Daddy Longlegs                Thom Haynes

Karen                                    Erica Heilmann

Julie                                       Liz Webb

Praying Mantis                 Nora Kelly

Cricket                                  Jeanine Denning

Joe the Ladybug               Joseph Callender


LA 8 AM – Tim Wiest

AAA                                       Mark Anderson

GGG                                      Jeanine Denning

Kevin                                     Nick Iammatteo

Paige                                     Morgan Ferretti


Misfortune – Jon Todd

Cindy                                     Jordyn Ballentine

Barry                                     Chris Berg

Stephanie                           Laurel Ullman

Diner – Male                       Brett Yates

Diner – Female                  Nora Kelly


The Folks – Bruce Ackerman

Wendy                                 Laurel Ullman

Scot                                       Jeff Nugent


The Remote – Connie DiGrazia

Alma                                      Kirsten Ehlert

Sam                                       Jeff Nugent


The Rental – Tim Wiest

Sonya                                    Alison Davis

Harold                                   Joseph Callender


Saver – Bruce Ackerman

David                                     Steve Whetzel

Tina                                        Kerry Bunn

Arthur                                   Gus Allen

Irene                                     Morgan Ferretti

Production Staff/Crew

Artistic Direction– Tina Vance

Stage Direction – Bruce Ackerman, Connie DiGrazia, Greg Tarsa, Jon Todd, Tim Wiest

Co-Producers – Sharon Galluzo, Tina Vance

Stage Manager – Natasha Jackson

Costumes – Rachel McKay

Sound – Bob Kulow

Assistant Stage Managers:  Betsy Holsopple, Terry Townsend

Technical Director / Lighting Designer:  Barry Jaked

Props: Carole Kelly


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