Almost, Maine

Warm your heart in the ice-cold, mythical town of Almost, Maine this winter. Nine short vignettes explore love, loss and friendship with a touch of humor and tenderness. Written by John Cariani, Almost, Maine has been produced by over 2,500 theatre companies. Come let Cary Players help you brush off the winter doldrums with this delightful show directed by Randy Jordan.

Location and Dates

Performances: February 2-3 and 8-11, 2018

The Cary Arts Center, 101 Dry Avenue

Audition Information

Audition Form & Rehearsal Conflict Calendar

When & Where are the Auditions?

You have two opportunities to audition.

  • Tuesday, December 5, 2017, from 7pm-9pm in the Paul Cooper Room at the Cary Arts Center.
  • OR Wednesday, December 6, 2017, from 7pm-9pm in Principals Hall at the Cary Arts Center.
  • Callbacks will be held on Saturday, December 9 from 10am-1pm in the Paul Cooper Room at the Cary Arts Center.
  • The Cary Arts Center is located at 101 Dry Ave., Cary, NC.

Who Can Audition?

  • Anyone 18 years or older.

What Roles are Available?

Almost, Maine was originally performed by a cast of two men and two women. But, there are 19 different characters in the 9 stories. We anticipate the Cary Players production will be comprised of at least 6 performers, and possibly more. Some actors will play multiple roles. The number of cast members will not be finalized until after the auditions.  Ages indicated below should not discourage those that would like to audition. They are guidelines, but not set in stone. All characters, however, are adults.

The following is a rundown of scenes and character information


  • Pete: 20’s-30’s male with a different “world view” on closeness, who has been dating Ginette for a little while
  • Ginette: 20-30’s female. She likes being close to Pete, and understands his different view of things….we think. She’s ben dating Pete for a while.


  • East: 30’s-40’s male. A repairman. Hosting an unexpected hiker
  • Glory: 30’s-40’s female – The hiker. She carries some unusual baggage


  • Jimmy: 20’s-30’s male. A heating and cooling guy is down & up, and down again, bumping into his past girl after months, and months, and months, and  months….
  • Sandrine: 20’s -30’s female. The ex gal with good news and bad news.
  • Waitress: 20’s-30’s female. A salty waitress sharing drink specials and filling other  made to order surprises.


  • Steve: 20’s-40’s male. A very open, bit naïve, kind, guy with a special problem, which his protective brother is trying to help him with. He is making some lists that Marvalyn ends up helping him with.
  • Marvalyn: 20’s-40’s female. Doing her boyfriends laundry when she encounters Steve and discovers how good she is at protecting herself.


  • Lendell: 30’s-40’s male. Longtime boyfriend of Gayle who is facing questions of quantity and timing.
  • Gayle: 30’s-40’s female. Longtime girlfriend of Lendell who is making an issue of quantity and timing.


  • Chad: 30’s-40’s male. A country boy who is very open with his friend Randy and seems to have lost his balance.
  • Randy: 30’s-40’s male. A country boy who doesn’t know how to handle Chad, until he has equilibrium issues himself.


  • Phil: 30’s-40’s male.  A hardworking man, husband and father. Trying to balance it all and please wife Marci.
  • Marci: 30’s-40’s female.  A hardworking woman, wife and mother. Trying to balance it all and rekindle romance in Phil.


  • Man: 20’s-30’s male.  A man that stayed in Almost and found hope.
  • Hope: 20’s -30’s female   A woman that has traveled the worldlooking for it.


  • Dave: 20’s – 40’s male.  Snowmobiling buddy and co worker of Rhonda, turned impressionist painter.
  • Rhonda: 20’s -40’s female.  Tough snowmobiling, shift working woman, that struggles to understand artistic communication and more.

What Should I Prepare for the Audition?

Please come to auditions prepared with the following:

  • A completed Audition Form.
  • A completed Rehearsal Conflict Calendar.
  • A recent photo. Photos will also be taken at auditions.
  • Please prepare a one to two minute monologue of your choosing. If you cannot prepare a memorized monologue, please be prepared to read from a comedic monologue of your choosing that you have familiarized yourself with. Some monologue scripts, you may peruse will be made available at auditions if you have not brought one.
  • At some point you may also be asked to do some cold readings with other auditioners from Almost, Maine sides provided.

Some Thoughts from the Director, Randy Jordan:

Almost, Maine is a romantic comedy, built on an underlying foundation of the realities of finding and sustaining “that” relationship. Written by the Tony nominated stage actor, television (Law and Order and others) and film actor, and playwright John Cariani, it consists of 9 different stories. The stories originated as audition and performance pieces for Cariani and a group of friends, that were later shaped into this wonderful ensemble piece about 9 couples in process of falling in love, out of love, and understanding love. Love is found, lost, and confounded and hearts are changed, broken, mended, and surprised all in the same moment, under the Northern lights, in Almost, Maine. As a result of one charged moment, life is never the same.