A 1940’s Radio Christmas Carol - Archived

A 1940’s Radio Christmas Carol is festive comedy mixing heart-tugging wartime pathos with the fun and excitement of a live radio play presentation of A Christmas Carol and a spur of the moment film noir parody. It is sprinkled with delightful music from 1940’s era swing arrangements, Christmas carols and standards, and fun original songs in the WW II period style.  All blend to make a most delicious nostalgic holiday brew to sweeten the holiday season with laughter and thoughtful meaning.

This show takes you to Christmas Eve, 1943, where the once glorious NY based Feddington Players are now broadcasting from second-rate WOV in Newark, NJ, presenting their “special” version of Charles Dickens  A Christmas Carol, featuring special guest, Broadway has-been William St. Claire.  It is an entertaining excursion into the mayhem and madness of a live radio show, complete with endless interruptions, technical errors, theatrical missteps, foley sound effects and more, that move the presentation to expose the depths of heart-wrenching loss and rebound to the highest hilarity through improvisation. To “save the show”, Dickens classic tale of Tiny Tim morphs into a Bogart film noir detective mystery complete with a femme fatale, and the rescue of Tiny Tim and the Lindbergh baby from the clutches of a Hitler-esque villain, as Scrooge finally finds the joy of Christmas.  

Location and Dates

All Performances:

November 30  –  December 3 at Cary Arts Center, 101 Dry Avenue, Cary NC

The Cast

Character Player
Clifton Feddington Chris McKittrick
William St. Claire Dan Martschenko
Charles “Cholly” Butts Bruce Ackerman
Margie O’Brien Chelsea Winstead
Judith Davenport Kathleen Jacob
Fritz Canigliaro Mark Anderson
“Little” Jackie Sparks Micah Jordan
Sally Simpson Rhonda Lemon
Isadore “Buzz” Crenshaw Charles Robson
Toots Navarre Craig Johnson
Esther Lewis Pirnie Nicola Lefler
Harold J. Mullins Jaswanth Kalavagadda
Boutonniere Melanie Payne
Boutonniere Kate Torgerson
Boutonniere Shannon Plummer-White

Production Staff/Crew


Randy Jordan

Music Director

Craig Johnson

Stage Manager

Abigail Jordon


Carole Kelly

Set Design/Master Carpenter

Bob Grannan

Prop Master/ASM

Christian O’Neal

Costume Designer

Emily Johns

Lighting Designer

Michael Lefler

Sound Designer

Bob Kulow


Zuri Blair

Foley Design/Principal Carpenter

Ian Robson

Prop Assistant

Cynthia Mandese

Light Assistant

Jennifer Robinson

Sound Assistant

Edward Killian

Playbill Coordinator

Jenny Robson

Volunteer Coordinator:

Jeri Summer

Finance Manager

Chris McKittrick

Graphic Designer

Catherine Campbell


Patsy Castellano


Ian Robson

Set Work and Painting

Paul Rieger
Ed Killian
Chris Berg
Lair Block
Debra Grannan
Todd Houseknecht
Jenny Robinson
Jenny Robson

Season Production Team

Jenny Robson
Jeri Summer
Debra Grannan
Dan Martschenko