Assistant Stage Manager

The Assistant Stage Manager’s primary role is to (wait for it!!!) assist the stage manager.
Therefore, it works best when the Stage Manager (SM) and the Assistant Stage Manager (ASM)
are compatible and can work well together as a team.

Play Selection

Ever wonder how Cary Players chooses which shows to produce? There are many considerations that make up the selection process, which usually begins in early February and takes 6-8 weeks to complete. The committee consists of members of the Board of Directors and other interested volunteers who agree to read multiple scripts and meet regularly to discuss the material. Here are some of the considerations for each script:

Guidelines & Best Practices for Directors

Directing a theatrical production with Cary Players Community Theatre can be an exciting and rewarding opportunity. The Board of Directors also has high expectations for people who take on this role. We have developed the following Guidelines & Best Practices for Directors that we hope you will find helpful as you submit request to direct a project with us or prepare to direct a current project.

Set Designer

Set Designer (SD) works with Stage Director and Producer to create a design for the set, a build plan for the set and identifies set pieces to be built or purchased. All duties are to be completed within a production schedule time-frame and within budget parameters for the production. SD has input in determining the budget.

Props and the Props Master

The Props Master (PM) works closely with the director and various designers (set, lighting, costume) to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Typically, the first thing a PM will do is read the play and identify what props are needed, where they are needed, and when they are needed. That list goes to the director and designers to discuss the vision for the show so that all props fit that vision.